Lenghth / Width Feet Benifits
6FeetGood things follow
8FeetThere is great pleasure and Wealth
10FeetBlessed Life, Live with Sheep and cow
16FeetThere is great wealth
17FeetBlessings like a King
20FeetGet Royal Wealth, Benift and respect
21FeetBelessings along with Cows
27FeetLive with great wealth and respect
28FeetBless with Wealth and goddess
30FeetLive with Lakshmi Goddess Blessings
32FeetLong live with God Vishnu Blessings
35FeetLakshmi Goddess Blessings
36FeetPower to Rule the King
41FeetThere is Pleasure and wealth
42FeetGodess Lakshmi resides
45FeetHeir wWith Good habits / Activities
50FeetBlessed with Dairy cows